Data visualization services tailored to your business needs

Turn your enterprise data into stunning visualizations that instantly make sense to everyone in your team. Using the best-in-class BI tools, we create visualizations that enable you to easily identify trends, measure core metrics, and track KPIs

Reporting and Dashboard Development

Enable your business users to easily sort, filter, and drill down into the most complex data. And get more value with smart reports created on the fly. Strategic, operational, and analytical dashboards, we do them all

Business Intelligence Integration and Migration

Migrate to a newer business intelligence environment smoothly, consolidating your BI tools across the enterprise to cut costs. We will help you navigate all perils on this path with industry-leading security measures and proper redesign

Unlock your business insights

Handled expertly, transforming your data into a resonating story enables fast analysis and winning business decisions. Unlock the value of your data with our data visualization services to:

  • Improve the visibility of your day-to-day business operations

  • Identify failing business processes

  • Prioritize improvement efforts

  • Shorten business meetings

  • Unburden IT teams for value-added activities

  • Discover new market opportunities

  • Predict and act on changing customer behavior

  • Uncover underperforming products or areas

Our approach to data visualization services

Using a tested methodology, our data visualization consultants have helped many happy clients, both established Fortune 500 enterprises and start-ups, create visualizations that really work


Identify user needs and data requirements, including what data should be represented, its dimensions, how datasets will relate to each other, and the level of interaction


Bring data in shape by restructuring dirty data, collating multiple datasets, and applying any data governance, security, or privacy requirements needed


Create different design solutions meeting the needs of the target user groups, play around with chart types to choose the best, and select the right visualization tools


Build the dashboard and self-service reporting tools in the scope, gather user feedback, test for bugs, and iterate to polish the visuals

Why work with Space?


We aren’t tied to any providers, so we only recommend the best of BI tools that suit your unique business needs

Top Engineers with niche skills

With our 250-strong team, we bring in adept data visualization experts and consultants who know how to make your data tell powerful stories

Diverse expertise

AI development company with 10+ years’ experience, we worked on hundreds of projects across industries, from ecommerce and fintech to healthcare and real estate, and beyond

Our Clients

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